Powercrete Cement


Powercrete is produced at our state of the art blending plant in a controlled manner with the highest standards of quality control by blend at 70% Portland Cement with 30% of Fly Ash by a controlled blending system.

Fly Ash is used as a concrete admixture and it is siliceous fine powder having Pozzolanic properties.

 The finer fraction has been developed for specified use as a cementitious component of concrete.

 Fly Ash is a fine particulate ash up by the combustion of solid fuel, such as coal, and discharged as an airborne emission recovered as a byproduct for various commercial uses.

Fly Ash is composed of microscopic spheres containing largely silica, iron, aluminium. calcium; the biggest current construction-related use of fly ash is to replace portland cement, which binds the sand and gravel in concrete.

Fly ash is one of the residues generated in combustion and comprises the fine particles that rise with the flue gases.