Our Commitment to Our People


Maintaining opportunities for continuous learning and development across all facets of our business remains a key priority. Recruiting the best talent is at the cornerstone of our recruitment philosophy. RAKCC selects its staff based on competence and invests in the training and development of its people through training sessions and seminars. Both in house training programs and external training opportunities are provided to all our employees. We are proud of the professionalism and qualities of our people and continuously explore opportunities to enrich our team with new talents.

Our Workforce Diversity


Attracting, developing, and retaining a talented workforce is essential to delivering sustainable long-term growth. Our people are vital for our continued sustainable growth. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce where all employees enjoy equal opportunities. We pride ourselves on creating a work environment that values and utilizes our employee’s contributions and experiences from a range of very diverse backgrounds. We strive to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly, with respect, and have equal access to opportunities and resources. Our success depends on an inclusive environment where all colleagues are welcomed, empowered, and inspired to use their unique voices and talents.

We strive to ensure that our mission and values resonate with all employees to build meaningful careers in line with their aspirations. In 2020, 14% of our employees had served with RAKCC for over 20 years. Employee loyalty is a testament to our healthy work environment that promotes continuous learning and development.

Our workforce consists of employees of diverse age groups, ethnicity, gender, and nationality. In 2020, 14 nationalities were represented in our workforce. We celebrate this unity in diversity and work together with the sole aim of advancing organizational goals and objectives. Our diversity is also reflected in the experience of our workforce. In 2020, our employees below 30 years represented 11% of our total workforce. Our more experienced employees between 30 and 50 years accounted for 72%, and over 50 years represented 17% of our workforce. This diversity in age equips us with a workforce of varying knowledge, experience, and intellectual diversity. In addition, RAKCC is committed to empowering the younger generation. From 2019 to 2020, our workforce under 30 increased 2%, and in 2020, 38% of our new hires were under 30 years old. This focus on youth employment drives local development and enhances career opportunities for the younger generation.

Although our workforce is predominantly male, we empower our female employees. For example, in 2020, 11% of our department managers were female. We continue to encourage more female representation in our workforce to align with our efforts of inclusion and empowerment.



Emiratization is an essential part of our plan to support local development. Through our focus on Emiratization, we can make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the future of the UAE. We continue to focus our efforts on employing local talent to align with the UAE’s vision of Emiratization. In 2020, 16% of our workforce were Emirati nationals, and 22% of department managers were Emirati..

Our Emirati Workforce


Investing in our people


Promoting learning and development

We aim to nurture a company culture focused on developing and consistently improving our workforce’s skills, competencies, and capacity. We consider it essential to offer our employees the resources and opportunities to help them advance in their professional and personal development. Our learning and development offerings cover vast focus areas and are provided via on-the-job, classroom, and online learning platforms. RAKCC recognizes the need to continuously update the technical knowledge, professional skills, and performance-enhancing abilities of all employees to maintain global competitiveness in the Cement industry. At RAKCC, we strive to increase every employee’s level of competency through the development of technical and management skills. As a result, training and development are core elements in our Human Resource strategy.
We aim to empower our teams to think strategically, make decisions quickly, and tackle challenges as they arise. These skills were critical in delivering uninterrupted cement supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic when our teams tackled complex challenges, including lockdowns, curfews, and quarantines.
We conduct various training and development initiatives ranging from Competency-Based Development of UAE National employees to a comprehensive Performance Management Program that focuses on continuous learning and improvement.