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RAKCC is dedicated to protection of the environment not only in the plant but in the surrounding communities as well.

The plant is designed to meet the most stringent European standards for environmental protection. Stack gases are continuosly monitored for dust emission as well as CO2, SOx and NOx gases.

Ras Al Khaimah Cement Company's Environmental Policy mandates an immediate stoppage of the processing line when dust or gas emissions exceed the standards. All materials with the potential to emit fugitive dust are stored in covered buildings or silos.

38 dust collectors, 6 process bag-filters are placed at strategic locations throughout the production process, ensure a dust free facility. The dust collected in these bag houses is returned to the process.


We operate and maintain around 20mg/nm3 particulate emission standards.  When we reach 50mg/nm3, our plant will be shutdown for maintenance of the pollution control equipments. In normal case, we use to maintain our bag-filters  during the planned annual maintenance shutdown as a proactive measure to ensure the minimum particulate emission.
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