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Additive handling Section    

Mainly four types of raw materials are used in Ras Al Khaimah Cement Company to manufacture Portland cement as per British Standards and ASTM standards. The major raw material is limestone, which is received either by truck / belt conveyor from quarry and is stocked in environment friendly, covered storage shed in a circular pile.

The storage of silica and other additives is also done in covered closed stockpiles to have better pollution free environment.


Limestone is extracted by vibrating feeders installed on 2 transversal belt conveyors and transported to mill feed bin, similarly additives are reclaimed by a bucket re-claimer mounted on a traveling bridge and transported to hoppers.



Raw meal grinding Section    


The raw mix is proportioned as per the quality norms by means of electronic weigh feeders from central control room. The mix is fed to the raw mill for drying, grinding. Kiln hot gases are used to dry the mix and ventilated through the mill. The mill has a grinding capacity of 236MT/Hr, is driven by 2 X 1,725 KW motors. The product residue is maintained by means of high efficiency O’sepa separators and the fine product, which is the feed material for the kiln, is being conveyed to a 2,500 tones capacity of continuous blending
silo. To enhance the performance of our raw mill, one CKP pre-grinder (Kawasaki – Supplied by TECHNIP France) with a capacity of 180 tones per hour was added to the system in the year 2000.
Preheater and calcinator  


The raw meal stored in the blending silo is fed to a five-stage low-pressure suspension preheater by means of DICONT feed system. The preheater works with counter-current heat exchange principle.


The preheater is a five stage single string with low-pressure drop high efficiency cyclones, having the highest separation efficiency.


The calcination is being effected by means of Re-enforced Suspension Pre calciner designed by ONADA KAWASAKI, JAPAN. and supplied by TECHNIP- CLE,FRANCE. This is an In Line Calciner. The calcined material enters into the Kiln for further processing to become Clinker.


The Preheater is also equipped with a gooseneck to ensure complete combustion of natural gas. Raw meal treated in preheater enters kiln at around 850°C.

After preheater, hot gasses are cooled with fresh air to 240 °C and are de-dusted through a bag filter operating with hot gases.

We use Pulse –Jet type Process bag filters with high quality glass fiber bags with PTFE membranes. We maintain our pollution standards around 20 mg/Nm3.







Our rotary kiln is of 62 meters long with a diameter of 4.2 meters driven by highly reliable state of the art AC variable frequency drive motor (With IGBT technology) of 365 KW and a capacity of 3100 tones per day with 3 pair support rollers.

The rotary kiln is equipped with a multi channel burner designed for natural gas and diesel oil. The temperature in kiln sintering zone is kept around 1450 to 1500 °C to make clinker.

Clinker Cooling    
The hot clinker is cooled to a temperature around100° C by means of new generation hydraulic driven grate cooler supplied by M/s Claudius Peters with latest design of high resistance grate plates with heat shield. The cooled clinker is crushed to small sizes by a hammer crusher, which is a part of the cooler. For clinker cooler de-dusting, a bag filter with an air-to-air heat exchanger is also equipped. The clinker is then transported by means of a deep pan conveyor and stored in a concrete silo of capacity of 25,000 tones of clinker.
Finish Grinding    
The finish grinding consists of a two-chamber closed circuit ball mill, 4.8-meter diameter and 15 meter long with a closed circuit high efficiency separator O’sepa N3000. Only fresh air is used to ventilate separator in order to cool cement. The final product is then sent to four silos, each having a capacity of 10,000 tones each. Out of four silos, two are in the plant premises and two are in Sheik Saqar Port to facilitate ship loading.
The finish grinding capacity is 135 tones per hour at 3,600 Blaine for grinding Ordinary Portland Cement. A 6.3 KV, 5,250 KW motor, is the main drive of the mill.
Packing and Shipping  

One 8 spout Electronic rotary packer with a capacity to pack 2000 bags/hour bag loading is installed inside the cement plant. Two-truck overhead loaders for bulk loading are also made inside the plant, located below the silos.

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